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DoinGud is teaming up with GiveDirectly to give the world’s people autonomy through direct donations.

Imagine a life of poverty, where you don’t have enough money to feed your family. You’re barely able to put food on the table, and you don’t have access to any kind of healthcare or education for your children.

For many of the world’s poorest people, aid organizations are one of the only ways they have to access resources. While these organizations can be very helpful in providing food and shelter to people who would otherwise have nothing, they often don’t allow recipients to choose how to spend their money. They may have to go through a long bureaucratic process before they can receive any aid at all, and then it comes with restrictions on what they can and cannot buy.

This isn’t fair — or dignified.

That’s why GiveDirectly has developed a model that lets you send money directly to the world's poorest households via mobile phone number (there’s no need for bank account information). They believe people living in poverty deserve the dignity to choose for themselves how best to improve their lives — cash enables that choice.

Their mission is to empower poor households with unconditional cash transfers so that those families can invest in their own futures. They believe that cash transfers are the most effective way to fight poverty because they work around systems of corruption and are simple enough for even the poorest people to understand. The fact is that as little as $30 per month is enough to lift a household out of poverty.

And no, despite what some people might believe, people don’t just blow it on booze.

Research shows that people use cash for just about everything — from medicine and cows to goats and chickens, school fees and water, solar lights and tin roofs, irrigation systems and motorcycles to jumpstart taxi services, businesses to generate income, and more.

GiveDirectly don’t just give one-time donations. Those that enter the program get five years of reliable income to ensure households get a chance to meet their basic needs, stabilize their finances, and invest in income-generating projects. After that time, they connect donors to more recipients living below the extreme poverty line.

Since 2009, GiveDirectly has delivered over $550 million in cash directly into the hands of over 1.25 million families living in poverty.

They currently have operations in Kenya, Rwanda, Liberia, Malawi, Morocco, Mozambique, DRC, Uganda, the United States, and Yemen.

DoinGud believes that people should have the opportunity to make their own choices, and has partnered with GiveDirectly to support their efforts.

About GiveDirectly

GiveDirectly is a nonprofit that lets donors like you send money directly to the world’s poorest households. We believe people living in poverty deserve the dignity to choose for themselves how best to improve their lives — cash enables that choice.

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About DoinGud

DoinGud is an NFT ecosystem focused on inspiring creativity and positive social impact. We pride ourselves on accessibility and sustainability, providing next-gen Web3 tools to empower our community to create, curate, collaborate and connect with one another in the digital space.

Thank you for being part of this amazing journey with us.

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