Dogecoin Could Be Better than Bitcoin for Widespread Adoption

Dollars and Sense
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7 min readMar 28, 2021

I understand this is a shocking premise. I was shocked myself when I started to consider it last year. As the pandemic wore on into the summer of 2020, I could see things were not likely to return to the way they were. It did not matter how much people wanted a return to normal. It was not going to happen.

Interest rates were impossibly low in the country, so corporations started issuing their own debt. Apple issued forty-year debt. Apple started getting involved with Ripple. The old movie, Rollerball, started to seem like a possible near future outcome. A future where corporate power is the stabilizing force in society, not national governments.

As I started to ride this train of thought, I realized it had real credibility. There was a richness to the future scenery I saw as I rode this train of thought.

If corporations become national pseudo-states, then they will need a currency. I felt like the SEC and Xi both recognized what was going on and took actions to protect their control of currency within their borders.

If nation-states persist then so shall national currencies, which is certainly a more likely outcome. Digital sovereign currencies of some kind would seem to be a foregone conclusion anyway. Nation-states looking to jump ahead might adopt an existing cryptocurrency ecosystem. Instead of trying to build a cryptocurrency ecosystem from scratch.

A nation could just pick one and adopt it as a secondary national currency. I started looking around for candidates. It seemed to me there were plenty of entities, national and private, who were also looking for candidates. When I got off the train of thought, I was surprised by what I found at the end station. It does not happen often, but sometimes when you ride these speculative trains of thought, they reveal unexpected destinations.

This particular ride revealed a particularly robust set of rails already existed on top of what I saw at the destination. The digital renminbi is a done deal. The biggest economy in the world laid down the rails already.

Everyone is playing catch up on this rail line. Who will be next to ride this train of thought? When I got to the station, I saw a doggie waiting there for me. There…