Dolomite Bi-Weekly Update | 2/15/2019

Welcome to another Dolomite Bi-Weekly Update! We’ve been hard at work finalizing things for opening the platform. We’ve finished all requirements for us to open Dolomite’s beta to a general audience. We’ll be testing things and opening up the platform to select individuals before announcing the opening to everyone.


Overall Backend

  • Refactored our backend’s middleware to be thread-safe and prevent issues that could have occurred in situations of high concurrency.
  • Made some optimizations to the middleware that greatly reduces memory overhead.
  • Added data routers that are responsible for passing data throughout the application when things change. Essentially, they can be a unified place for propagating websocket changes, recalculating order books, triggering tick changes for the OHLC data, etc.

Exchange API

  • Added tracking of USD for the TradingView chart. Beforehand, USD prices were calculated using the current exchange rate.
  • Started native integration with Wyre to allow for a more seamless experience on the web/mobile app’s frontend. Keeping with the ethos of crypto, users will have to sign messages to prove intent with Wyre. For instance, users will sign a specific message to initiate a transfer of USD into ETH from their bank accounts. This allows Dolomite to remain non-custodial in nature as well as increase trust.
  • Added geolocation to the necessary routes, so we can block users from states in the US that we do not have the necessary licensing in which to operate.
  • Finished a huge refactor for the order and order fill models that will allow us to take any fee token, upgrade to Loopring V2 more easily, and allow for a more flexible business model in the future. The refactor also incorporates KYC logic, daily trade limits, and logging to track money laundering and structuring.
  • Refactored the TradingView tick data to be purely event based and moved the insertions/calculations to be done application-side instead of with raw SQL. Ultimately, this will lead to more flexibility to make code changes.

Slate API

  • Started a route for decoding Ethereum transactions. This allows Ethereum transactions to be made more readable and provides great contextual information.
  • Started working on the API docs. The skeleton for these are done and will be continued to be cleaned up.


Landing Page

  • Finished the careers page and we will be deploying it soon.
  • Added a section to the site for the team and advisors. This still needs some stylistic updates.
  • Prepped the landing page for launch so beta sign up fields will be removed and there will be links that connect directly into the app.

Slate Management Portal & Docs

  • Overhauled the API docs and made a ton of changes and updates with it. These will serve as the template for both the Slate API and the exchange API.
  • Made some minor stylistic changes to various components and pages.
  • Started fixing major structural issues with the codebase

Dolomite Web Application

  • Finished integrating account creation, login, email verification.
  • Simplified order submission information. This includes notes on network fees, token unlocking, and wrapping ETH.
  • Added more descriptive errors to order submission, as well as displaying more errors prior to submitting an order.
  • Created the trading/usage bar, which increases as orders are filled, opened, and in the process of being submitted. With this component, users may transparently see how much they have traded and what their limits are.
  • Fixed numerous visual bugs and wording improvements across the exchange.
  • Made minor design changes to wallet creation.
  • Added a couple new notification components.
  • Fixed issues with the token details graph.

Final Notes

We’re as excited as can be by what we’ve accomplished so far, and the release of Dolomite marks a huge milestone for our team. Everyone has been working extremely diligently to bring Dolomite to market as quickly as possible, while still paying attention to the necessary details that make Dolomite special. Stay tuned as we announce our release and unveil more of what’s to come in 2019.

As always, be sure to follow us on your other favorite social media sites to stay up to date with all things Dolomite!