Introducing Slate API — Powering the Future of Blockchain Market Applications

We are excited to officially introduce you to Slate.

Slate is a first of its kind market-focused block explorer API. With Slate, we are able to bring together extensive market data and blockchain transactions/events to show in-depth information about all transactions a wallet performs. In other words, Slate allows you to take a look at the entire transaction history of an Ethereum wallet in fiat denominated amounts and track how the tokens in that wallet have performed over time. Slate came about due to one simple desire: to give businesses the ability to track how well both tokens and entire wallets perform over time. In fact, the technology used to develop Slate already helps power our wallet’s portfolio.

Our goal for Slate is to eventually become the go-to API that powers rich trading signals in the decentralized world.

Slate is currently in its Alpha stage and is set to have its initial release in Q2 of 2019.

Some useful features of Slate API include:

  • Wallet specific notifications
  • The ability to track wallet valuations over time
  • Track the trades your wallet performs across DEXs and aggregates that data to show the prices you paid for the assets in your portfolio, diversification, and more
  • View the prices of these transactions in several different fiat currencies utilizing highly accurate and up to date market data
  • The ability to maintain a historical price index of 2000+ tokens on a minute-to-minute basis

As of now the events we track include standard ETH transfers, contract calls, token transfers, token approvals, wrapping and unwrapping ETH. Slate will be provided on a subscription basis to those individuals and entities interested in using our aggregated market data.

If you are interested in interacting with the slate API stay tuned as will soon be releasing our Javascript library via NPM. We are excited to share this news with you and are looking forward to the utility that Slate will provide to traders. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements regarding the Dolomite exchange open beta. Happy Trading!

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