How To: Track Outside Sales Inside DomaHub

A step-by-step guide

In this article we will teach you how to track any sales or profits you made outside of your DomaHub portfolio inside of your DomaHub account.

Tracking a sale for an existing DomaHub listing

If you sold a verified domain inside of DomaHub with an active listing, creating a transaction and tracking it is very simple.

First, navigate to your My Listings page and select the domain you wish to add a transaction for. was sold on an external website and I want to track the profits within DomaHub.

Then select the “Edit Details” button to open up the detailed menu for this domain listing.

The detailed editing menu for

Once here, click on the “Domain Info / Transactions” tab. Then find the “Domain Related Transactions” section and click on “Add New Transaction.”

The domain related transactions section.

A pop-up will appear to enter in the details of the transaction.

The pop up for adding a new transaction.

Here you can record any domain transactions related to this domain name. Whether that’s a sale, a rental, an expense.

Tracking a sale for a domain name not listed on DomaHub

If you have a domain that you sold outside of DomaHub, but don’t have a listing on DomaHub, you can create an unlisted listing.

First, create the domain that you sold outside of DomaHub in the Create Listings page.

Creating a new listing on the Create Listings page.

Once created, navigate back to your My Listings page and select the newly created unverified listing.

The unverified listing on your My Listings page.

Click on “Verify Ownership” to open up the detailed page for this listing.

Once here, click on the “Mark Unlisted” button to turn this unverified listing into an unlisted listing.
The confirmation for creating an unlisted listing.

An unlisted domain is invisible to the public, but will still show up in your DomaHub portfolio (only visible to you). This way you can follow the same steps as an active listing to create any related transactions for this unlisted domain listing.

If you are unsure of any step through this entire process, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.