How To: Transfer Your Domain

Follow these steps to transfer your sold domain to its new owner.

If you are reading this then you have probably just completed a domain sale on DomaHub. Congratulations!

Whether this is your first time doing a domain transfer or if you just need a refresher, we are here to help. Follow the instructions below to complete your domain transfer.

Step One: Unlock Your Domain

A locked domain cannot be transferred. It is likely that your domain is already locked by default from your registrar. You MUST unlock the domain in order to start the transfer process.

Step Two: Make Your WHOIS Information Public

The buyer’s registrar won’t be able to verify who owns the domain name if you have WHOIS Privacy turned on. Make sure to disable this privacy before continuing.

Step Three: Ensure Your Email is Up-to-date

Make sure the email tied to your domain at your current registrar is up-to-date. The buyer’s registrar will try to contact you at that email address to continue the transfer process.

Step Four: Get the Authorization Code

Your registrar will provide you with a code. They may call it an “Authorization Code,” “Transfer Code,” “EPP Code,” or something else. Make sure to have this code ready — the domain buyer will NEED this to initiate the transfer.

Step Five: Have the Buyer Request the Transfer

If the buyer hasn’t already done so, contact them to have them initiate the transfer request. At this point, they will need the “Authorization Code” from Step Four in order to request the transfer.

Step Six: Approve the Transfer Request Email

You will receive an email at the email address on file at your current registrar (remember, we ensured this address was up-to-date in Step Three). All you need to do is approve the request in the email and the transfer will begin.

And that’s it! Remember, it can take up to a week for your registrar to release the domain and complete the transfer. Be patient! Once your buyer has verified the transfer, you will receive the payment through DomaHub.

Note: These instructions outline the general process for domain transfer. For Registrar-specific instructions, please click here. For additional help, it is best to contact your registrar.