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Types of Domainers

Domaining in general is composed of hobby domain investors who own a handful to a few dozen domains, and professional domain investors who own hundreds to thousands of domains. Those who consider themselves domainers can be categorized in the following 7 categories IMHO. New to Domaining? Read Who is a Domainer.

Types of Domainers


The Players — Newbies who just flirt with domaining without ever becoming serious about it. They usually have a love hate relationship with domaining and don’t really go beyond the superficial level of “collecting” a few dozen domain names. They might have even got their hands burned. The players are the reason we can still find great names on the drop and they help hold the torch.


The Dreamers — Diligent domainers who learn all they can and take the courses but don’t really understand or know how to make real money out of domaining. They don’t habitually upgrade their portfolios as they are often emotionally or egotistically attached to their domains. They will be in the red even without factoring in their time invested. Might be addicted to domaining.


The Acrobats — These are part time domainers who have had many ups and downs in domaining without having grown into it. They may hop from niche to niche hoping to strike gold someday. Over time they might develop portfolios with domains they don’t even remember purchasing. If they get their hands burned they sometimes get out of domaining for long periods of time.


The Hustlers — Energetic and savvy these are always talking about their latest sales. Somehow they are able to go all guns firing and are able to make consistent month on month sales. They get around well and have great networking skills. The hustlers are also the ones who are the most likely to sell courses on domaining as that is just another stream of income for them. This is the widest range of domainers and I would pack in brokers with them too as hustlers for hire.


The Strategists — With some expertise in their interest verticals these are usually very careful investors and/or founders. Every buy has a strategy and usually they will purchase only what they can use or sell. They can have domain portfolios from just 50 to upto 1000 but most of them will be well thought of and with some intrinsic value. Flipping is not worth their time so they’d rather just wait on inbound marketplace sales.


The Rockstars — These swash-buckling domainers consistently make awesome 6 figure sales and 5/6 figure purchases. They have reached a new level that the majority can only dream of. Each of them would probably have their own niches and strategies. They now swim only in the deep end of the pool by purchasing almost exclusively from the aftermarket. They could retire to the beach/mountains but they stay in the game for the love of it.


The Legends — The founders of domaining as it stands can’t really be called anything else but Legends. I feel anyone who has personally owned and sold multiple million dollar domain names for more than 10X profit without a middleman has to be a legend in domaining. Usually self-made they share their knowledge with openness, wisdom and honesty. They often can read the market way ahead of time. They will have left their mark in the industry.

So where do you find yourself fitting in? I’m sure we have all passed through multiple types. I personally feel I have passed from Player -> Acrobat -> Strategist.




Lets learn and share about domaining. We will be bringing you Domaining tips, stories, thoughts, resources and more.

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