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What is Domaining?



What is Domaining?

Domaining is the term given to domain name investing (and speculation) with the aim to resell the domains for a profit. Domaining requires a lot of fore-thought and expertise to know what sets one domain name above another. Since it takes months to years to hone your ability to pick the right names to sell, Domaining is a marginally risky enterprise and has a considerable learning curve. On the other hand Domaining is very easy to get into as it doesn’t require a huge investment to start with. For newcomers it is advisable to learn as much as you can about it before investing.

Who is a Domainer?

Broadly speaking anyone into Domaining is a domainer, but they can be further divided into two groups of domainers, the hobby domain investor (pseudo-domainer) and the professional domain investor (domainer). The thing is that until you become a true domainer you will always feel like a pseudo-domainer. I for one have felt like that for many years until recently even though my domaining journey started in 2012.

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Types of Domainers




Lets learn and share about domaining. We will be bringing you Domaining tips, stories, thoughts, resources and more.

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