MENA Marketing: From Offline Events to Long-Term Retainers

How to sell more retainers through offline events:

Hi Partners,

Have a look at this approach.

You may experiment with running a free event before Ramadan starts to start getting more customers for inbound. You can apply this to an industry but I would recommend keeping it as general as “B2B” and not getting too specific in the start until you have more data.

The idea is that you need to warm up your customers first. We all know that in Egypt, UAE and KSA offline events work best for the trust value.

People still value face-to-face engagements in MENA and it makes sense for us to think like a wise man but speak in the language of the people.

*Prices are just suggestions. You get to decide what makes most sense for your audience and iterate as you go.

How it works:

  1. Direct your inbound marketing efforts on your website and blog can be used to promote the free event (as a content offer).
  2. Use the free event to provide a great introduction to modern digital marketing (inbound marketing may be a foreign term to some!) and your CTA at the end would be the paid Buyer Persona workshop.
  3. Include a Q&A / Networking session afterwards where you can mingle with attendees and forge relationships to continue working together.

By breaking down your offerings and charging up front for smaller services that you productize as stand-alone sales, you increase sales without investing too much time on what can be the wrong client.

For example, if someone does not have budget for a Buyer Persona workshop, they certainly won’t have budget for a long-term retainer.

Another Example: If someone purchases your Buyer Persona workshop but says they are “self-sufficient” or do not have budget for additional services, then you would have added value to them already in an amount that is corresponding to their budget.

This way you keep ROI positive at every stage of the customer purchase journey.

A potential list of mini-services to offer (in order):

First: Buyer Persona workshop (1 day)

Second: Website Audit (1 day)

Third: Content Planning Session (1–7 days)

You can also think of the above 3 as Paid BOFU offers. This means you can freely promote them on BOFU content pieces that you write as well.

Finally, if somebody goes through all of those mini-services and are looking to get more from your agency, it’s time to position the retainer for them.

Depending on your pricing, you can structure it such that they will be getting a better hourly rate from your agency if they commit for a 12 month period (vs. for example a $1300 content planning session that spans only a few days).

It all starts with throwing a Free Inbound Marketing Event in your local city.

Next Step: How to Promote an Event With Inbound Marketing — A Step-By-Step Guide

Hope this helps and please do get in touch by email if you have other questions.


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