How I came to meteor and reactioncommerce

Just a short story of mine

As I am running an ecommerce business for quite some time now and was no more satisfied by my current shop solution (wp and woocommerce) I decided to search for an alternative.

Around the same time my interest in programming nodejs started. And it seems like I was not alone, as you can see when you have a look at the github statistics (1*). Javascript is getting more and more popular. So why not giving a try?

First I bought a book about the MEAN Stack (Mongo Express Angular Node) and felt quite confident after a short time. Although I’m a sysadmin and not a programmer it is for me very readable and easy understandable so far.

I really liked it and I still do!

But sure I did not want to write my own shopping solution and googled for an existing project which led me to reactioncommerce and so to meteor, which totaly match my favourite technologies.

As I told you that I am mainly a sydadmin I will show you how to get the things up and running.

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