The State Department and the Flying Pig Theory

Dominio Cuba
Sep 6, 2018 · 4 min read

By Sergio Alejandro Gómez. Illustration: Aldo Cruces/ Dominio Cuba

At least that is the premise among scientists who do not allow themselves to be carried away by exotic and speculative theories.

However, the State Department is trying to achieve precisely the opposite; that is to try and convince the world that the symptoms that allegedly affected a group its diplomats in Havana were provoked by attacks with weapons unknown to science and capable of violating the laws of physics.

In less than 24 months, the hypotheses have gone from “acoustic attacks”, viruses, diffuse brain damage and now microwave weapons. All without a single piece of supporting evidence.

That is to say, they want to make you believe that pigs fly and do not even show the photo that proves it.

“How is it possible to selectively affect the brain without affecting the skin or injuring muscles that are very sensitive to the microwave,” asks Mitchel Valdés-Sosa, director general of the Cuban Neuroscience Center and member of the Cuban Committee of Experts that was established to study U.S. claims, in conversation with Dominio Cuba.

Valdés-Sosa is very critical of the article published on Saturday, September 1 in the New York Times, which launches the theory of microwave weapons as the “main suspect” of the symptoms alleged by the State Department, ranging from dizziness and difficulty falling asleep to hearing loss and brain damage.

“A scientist from the University of Pennsylvania, Kenneth Foster, points out that to be the source it would have to be an emitter, a very large parabola, and the person would have to stick their head inside” to achieve this type of damage, says the Cuban expert.

“In the same way that the hypothesis that this was a sonic weapon was thwarted, because the laws of physics do not allow us to conceive of a sound transmission that could damage the brain, it is very difficult to have any logical explanation with microwaves,” he adds.

The scientific community supports his assertions. The prestigious science journal Nature recently published an article by Sharon Weinberger on progress in the development of microwave weapons entitled, “Microwave Weapons: Wasted Energy,” he concludes that “despite 50 years of research on high-powered microwaves, the U.S. Army does not yet have a functional weapon.

Valdés-Sosa even questions the basic premise of the whole case, that is that all diplomats are sick and there is a common cause for it.

An article with that thesis was published last February by the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) and has received strong criticism, inside and outside the United States, for its lack of scientific rigor.

“What has been seen in people who are supposedly involved in the events are headaches, sleep disorders, dizziness; those are very general symptoms that prevail in the population of the United States,” says Valdés-Sosa.

The Cuban expert points out that these types of symptoms are even more common in individuals subjected to high doses of stress, as in the case of an Embassy.

The medical sociologist at Botany Downs Secondary College in New Zealand, Robert Bartholomew, also advocates not ruling out the possibility of a massive psychogenic illness (also known as mass hysteria).

In a recent article, Bartholomew points out that the State Department’s alerts are based on vague effects such as dizziness and headaches, two symptoms that are among the most common medical conditions in the world.

“The State Department’s mishandling of this case is a recipe for what I call the scare of acoustic attacks or microwave panic.”

“The United States has more than 300 physical embassies, consulates and diplomatic missions around the world, with thousands of employees, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. All of them are now on the lookout for vague signs of disease related to sound.”

Bartholomew sees this as a classic scenario for mass hysteria, and the ground work has been prepared for future attacks by way of mass suggestion.

If the State Department does not act seriously it cannot be ruled out that one day soon there will be a dawn with more than one pig flying over its Washington offices.

Translated: Alicia Jrapko y Bill Hackwell

Dominio Cuba

Dominio Cuba informa, investiga, contextualiza, usa tus códigos visuales y te divierte.

Dominio Cuba

Written by

Dominio Cuba

Dominio Cuba informa, investiga, contextualiza, usa tus códigos visuales y te divierte.

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