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Cloudstreet’s Carrier-grade API and Network Slicing Engine with Domos’ Machine Learning For the Home Solution delivers intelligent connectivity right out of the box.

Barcelona, Spain., Feb. 22, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Finland’s Cloudstreet, the US-patented Network Slicing Company, and Norway’s Domos, a leader in Machine Learning technologies for the smart home, are pleased to announce that they have teamed up to create the industry’s first end-to-end, intelligent application and context-aware network slicing solution for home networks. The solution will be on display February 25–28 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in Hall 5, stand 5C41.

A perfect example of MWC’s aspirational theme, “Intelligent Connectivity”, the solution closes the loop on delivering a 5G experience to fixed wireless home networks.

The combined technologies solve two key, last-mile problems that have plagued mobile-enabled home networks:

1) How to build application-awareness into the network without compromising performance and compliance (i.e. DPI)

2) How to manage and orchestrate QoS-assured slices triggered from User Equipment (UE) across serving nodes and base stations and out onto the Internet.

This unique combination of Dynamic RAN QoS Management & Orchestration, provided by the Cloudstreet Dynamic Profile Controller™ (DPC™), with Domos’ home CPE installed non-DPI app-sniffing, machine learning algorithm solves these problems, delivering real-time context-optimized QoE-guaranteed connectivity.

“This is not about Network Slicing, 5G, capacity, latency or throughput. No consumers will ever know or care about those things,” said Cloudstreet Founder and CEO Mika Skarp. “This is about delivering digital experiences that are markedly better than they were before, and consistently, reliably so. We’re thrilled to be working with Domos, a company who’s CPE-centered machine learning technology so perfectly complements our own”.

“Our focus has always been machine learning technology that secures Quality-of-Experience within the home,” said Domos Co-Founder and CTO Olav Nedrelid “Teaming up with Cloudstreet, we can finally secure these diverse services across mobile and fixed wireless networks for an array of services including Online Gaming, OTT streaming and Video Calls with dynamic Quality-of-Experience from End-to-End. Digital experiences in the home are notoriously unreliable. With our combined technologies, we can, for the first time offer SLA-assured, machine-informed connectivity over in-home Wi-Fi networks” he said.

Together, Cloudstreet and Domos are delivering on the promise of intelligent connectivity and the expectation of 5G networks well in advance of their large-scale arrival. The companies look forward to the opportunity to present the combined solution to interested carriers at MWC19, Hall 5 Stand 5C41 and throughout the year at their convenience.

About Cloudstreet
Finland-based Cloudstreet is a US-patented Network Slicing innovator dedicated to revolutionizing the mobile experience, empowering user choice and driving new MNO revenues. Providing a platform for Intelligent, Application-Aware Connectivity and Dynamic (Reactive and Predictive QoS), Cloudstreet allows carriers to offer on-demand, SLA-assured slices via its telecom-grade APIs and award-winning Dynamic Profile Controller™ engine. Tailoring Quality-of-Experience to user demand and context, Cloudstreet today delivers a fleet of mission-critical use cases from Fixed Wireless to Broadcasting to Public Safety. Awarded the EC’s Horizon 2020 grant, TMForum’s Catalyst Award and Best Connectivity Solution (WCA16), Cloudstreet’s in-market solutions are deployable in today’s 4G and emerging 5G networks. Visit us at

About Domos
Norway-based Domos provide patent-pending machine learning algorithms that assure optimal Quality-of-Experience for all digital services consumed in the home. Domos’ solution leverage existing CPEs to provide actionable insight that optimises and stabilise in-home Wi-Fi, all through automation and machine learning algorithms. This reduces direct cost in customer care, churn and marketing spend but also create exciting new revenue opportunities that have the potential of transforming the carriers business potential. For more information, contact us at or visit our website at


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Head of Communications & Customer Experience

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Domos - Creating the Home IT Assistant

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Domos - Creating the Home IT Assistant

Stories on how we work to develop the worlds first home IT assistant named Dom

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