DomRaider ICO World Tour: Switzerland 🇨🇭

Come meet Christophe, Svetlana and our Advisors at ICO Summit

During the DomRaider ICO World Tour, we will be attending several events to meet you in person and talk about our ICO project and goals. We will also get a chance to discuss opportunities around blockchain and cryptocurrency. The team is in Zurich this week so do not hesitate to drop by and have a chat with us!

William Mougayar — Keynote — Tokens Generation on the Blockchain — Best Practices and Look Ahead

Dominic Zynis — Panel Discussion — Inside the Token Economy — What is different in the token economy and why it matters?

Eddy Travia — Panel Discussion — IPO 2.0: How Blockchain is Disrupting Venture Capital and Investment Banking?

Richard Kastelein — Panel Discussion — State of ICO Market — Cutting through the Hype — Review of the major successful ICOs

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