DomRaider Monthly New— January

January has been intense for our team, but it sets a great pace for a groundbreaking and defining 2018 year for Auctionity Ecosystem and the blockchain industry and Auction market as a whole. We are proud to share this January month’s progress update with you, you can expect this to deliver monthly updates regularly as we strive to maintain a clear and regular communication with our supporters.

This month we managed to achieve a lot of our goals while also successfully wrapping up Auctionity’s MVP. If you missed any of the announcements and updates that we had published over the course of the month, here is a summary of the DomRaider news in January:

  • The DomRaider Token is listed on some exchanges and we have published some tutorials to help people buy and trade DRT on HitBTC and EtherDelta. Negotiations with other exchanges are still in process. We will communicate soon some interesting news on listings.
  • Etienne Roudeix, Blockchain Product Manager and Tristan Colombet our CEO, participated to a Tech Lunch at Michelin Headquarters. During this conference, Tristan explained the blockchain technology to Michelin IT workers and Etienne created the big sensation by live coding a smart contract for tire tracking.
  • DomRaider unveils the first version of our blockchain based auction solution under the new brand name Auctionity. As promised we launched our blockchain auctions MVP. Etienne explains how it work in a short video.
  • For many reasons, we made some rebranding changes. Dropcatch activity became YouDot, Auctionity is now the official name of the blockchain auction solution, and DomRaider is the brand mother. New identity, new colors, but same vision.
  • Meanwhile we changed our websites and updated Auctionity’s roadmap (shipped, work in progress, and next up for the Auctionity platform) and DomRaider Token milestones to share the goals attached to the token and the vision powering it.
  • The announcement of another partnership between Auctionity and NaviAddress is the proof of concretization of Auctionity’s strategy to partner with blockchain marketplaces in order to expand the user base and the DRT holders. It will ombine Auctionity’s power to manage auctions with Naviaddress decentralized addressing system.

What does the future hold for DomRaider and our community ?

As you can see, we’ve laid down a solid foundation for future success. We’re fully determined to follow through our development roadmap and you can expect more updates on our progress in the near future — we’re actively recruiting additional developers for our international team to ensure the development of the platform is complete on schedule. This month, new people who have been recruited are going to join us. We will introduces them!

DomRaider continues to attract a lot of interest from companies all over the world and we are always looking to develop business relations with possible partners.

We are well on our way.

You can also expect us to strengthen our marketing and communication in order to maintain a favourable media image and make sure that more people learn about DomRaider, Auctionity and its disruptive potential.

Last but not least — you will probably see more exchanges listing our token in the near future.

No matter if you’re a token holder since the token sale, just got in or simply interested in following DomRaider progress — the next month we hope to share even more exciting updates and news with you.

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