Exaegis rating agency for the digital companies gives us the ICOTruxt Label

Exaegis give us the ICOTruxt Label

We are proud to announce that DomRaider is the first company to have obtained the ICOTRUXT label !

ICOTruxt is the first label for companies offering an ICO (Initial Coin Offering).

In 2017, ICOs experienced a lightning growth in a relatively opaque market. This fundraising method in cryptocurrencies, operating via the issue of digital assets exchangeable against some cryptocurrencies, has reached the sum of more than 2 billion dollars since the beginning of the year.

On the basis of this observation, exaegis, a rating agency for digital companies, and Chaineum, the leading French operator dedicated to cryptocurrency fundraising, has joined forces to create ICOTruxt, the reference label on the ICO’s market. It aims to provide future investors with maximum guarantees on ICOs projects, particularly on their transparency, their promises to use tokens and the guarantees provided by the company managers on the control of the smart contract code. The ICO going as a pair with blockchain technology, the label experts have also developed a grid of evaluation concerning the project quality and its conformity with basic blockchain’s principles (decentralization, scalability, immutability…).

The offer thus built combines « traditional » points of attention of the starTRUXT label, dedicated to startups, as well as points of attention concerning the operation of ICO and blockchain. The goal is to award the ICOTruxt label to the most reliable startups, from a management point of view of the business plan, and from the point of view of the confidence that can be brought to the ICO.

At the end of its audit, carried out on site by ICOTruxt consultants, DOMRAIDER obtained the β1 (Medium Financial Risk and Low Operational Risk) as well as the « HIGH » rating (on the rating scale of the compliance of the software with the principles of the BLOCKCHAIN technology) and « FAIR » (on the rating scale of the relevance of the ICO operation set up by the startup).

About exaegis
exægis has based its development on an operational and financial performance rating model of digital companies and provides an operational guarantee to digital companies. Its platform www.rateandgo.co (labeled by the Financial Innovation division for the number and consulting) offers a free rating service for startups. It delivers the TRUXT and StarTRUXT labels and its corollary ICOTruxt dedicated to ICOs and blockchain. Its clientele brings together key accounts, banks and investment funds.

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