SUPERMARKET: Can’t Leave ’Em Alone

As we wade deeper into the digital morass, it’s worth noting the honest emptiness that’s filled in the vacuum of the post-Aspirational Internet. Mark my words: the kids these days don’t want to see perfectly framed and filtered images of your Insta optimized brunch plate, they want your face contorted into a grimace with a gawdy branded Taco Bell taco over it. SUPERMARKET!, an ambient-pop project from Sam Kidel, takes glitchy landscapes and adorns them with the ghostly acapella of glorious late 90s early 00’s R&B hits. Here he takes Ciara’s “I Can’t Leave ’Em Alone” and exchanges the sugary brilliance of pop for the drier intonations of dreams. There’s still aspiration of Ciara’s breathy melody in there, but it’s a husk tumbling towards who-knows-where on a digital breeze.

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