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Welcome to Done by Design: A Publication About Intentionality

Photo by Dmitri Popov on Unsplash

I see the world through a particular lens. Then again, we all do. Nonetheless, I was born in Guam, spent my childhood in London, and my adolescence (and now early adulthood) in Northern California. In London, I was the American kid. In California, I was the English kid. I’m a musician. I did card magic as a child. I struggle with anxiety and depression. I quit drinking to quit smoking to quit killing myself to quit being miserable. However, I believe the primary thing that shapes the way I see the world is that I am a designer.

I spend my days thinking about how to solve problems. More often than not, I explore those solutions through pixels on a screen. But more importantly, those problems come riddled with strategic needs that I must take into account. That’s all just a fancy way of saying that from 9-to-5 I design software and websites. But I design more than that.

It requires design to put together marketing campaigns for the businesses I perform freelance marketing work for. And I don’t just mean making graphics for ads and blog posts. I design a frame for a single moment when I take a picture on that expensive camera I don’t do any justice to due to my amateurishness (I mean, I’m okay but I’m not going to kid myself into thinking I’m a true photographer). The words I write here and on my other publication are designed with intent. And that’s really it. Intent. I try my best to do things intentionally. Because that’s all a designer does–do things intentionally. A good one anyways.

Real designers don’t simply do something because it’s pretty (unless the solitary intent of the project is to make something look pretty). We take in all factors, all needs, all desired outcomes, and we composite something that isn’t a compromise but a collaboration of all these elements. And this is what I care about.

So welcome to Done by Design (DxD). Through DxD, I will be sharing my perspective on a world filled with unnoticed yet intentional decisions. Be it exploring why a team of researchers turned a staircase into a piano, picking apart the real reason why they put mirrors in elevators, or sharing about my personal decision to drop my college degree like it’s hot, I will be breaking down the intent behind ostensibly mundane things and (hopefully) give you all a greater appreciation for what living an intentional life can do.

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