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Adam Christensen’s Loss and the Future of Done Waiting

Gainesville, FL — The college town that surrounds the University of Florida, and also Christensen’s largest base of support in FL-03

Despite the valiant efforts of the Done Waiting team and his campaign staff, Adam Christensen has lost his race for congress to Republican Kat Cammack. The news isn’t all bad though; the grass-roots support of the Done Waiting team made this race a tighter one than any in recent history for the solid red district, all while refusing to compromise progressive values. Adam’s campaign spoke to rural voters, widening the scope of the progressive movement. Though he was ultimately unable to secure victory, his inclusive campaign, combined with the raw power of Done Waiting’s phonebankers (who made a staggering 60,000 calls total for Christensen’s campaign), yielded unprecedented turnout, with 80% of registered Democrats in Marion, Clay, and Alachua counties coming out to vote, and 170,000 people — including some Republicans — casting their ballot for Adam. This rumbling of progressivism in a once reliably red region also seemed to have spooked Trump enough to warrant multiple visits to the sparsely populated counties that make up Christensen’s district in North-Central Florida. The Done Waiting organization celebrates the victories of grassroots progressives in other parts of the country, and will continue pursuing its commitment to bringing about real change by supporting policies and candidates that embody progressive values, and holding elected officials accountable. Our organization stands in solidarity with the working class throughout America. When it comes to the policies that we the people need enacted, we are Done Waiting.

We look forward to shaking things up.




We are using our people power to endorse progressive candidates across the country. We pressure centrist politicians to value the people that elected them rather than the corporate elite. We are tired of being told to wait for changes that are long overdue. We are Done Waiting.

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Done Waiting

Done Waiting

a disruptive army of young people fighting to elect progressives and bend the establishment to the will of the people.

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