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Opinion: The “Law and Order” President

Guest Submission by Shyam Arakere

Donald Trump at a rally in Prescott Valley, Arizona — Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia

Donald John Trump. The 45th president of the United States of America and arguably the most consequential president was elected without the popular vote. Trump has changed the course of this country, and on January 20th, Joe Biden will be left with the task of uniting a broken nation.

Trump has claimed to be the president of “law and order,” praising law enforcement for violence against Black Lives Matter protesters. Trump has called for heavy criminal prosecutions on activists arrested for peacefully protesting against police brutality. Trump’s “law and order” motto was touted by his supporters and himself …until it applied to him.

On January 6th, 2021, Trump stochastically incited violence in an effort to block the certification of a Biden administration. During the joint session of congress, violent protesters stormed the capitol building, destroying federal property in the process, as well as threatening the lives of politicians and law enforcement. The objective of these protesters was to pressure politicians into nullifying the vote. Republicans, Democrats, and even Mike Pence, Trump’s most loyal ally, condemned the violence caused by the protesters and reminded protestors that “you did not win.” Meanwhile, Trump called the would-be insurrectionists, “very special.” A decidedly different label than that bestowed on Black Lives Matter protestors, whom, according to Trump, where “looters and anarchists.” The difference between these two protests is simple — one was a protest in defense of American lives, while the other was a protest in defense of Trump.

Let this be a clear message to everyone. Donald Trump is not the president of law and order, but rather the complete opposite. He supports and defends the Constitution of the United States, until it interferes with his own agenda. He uses the power of the presidency to protect himself and his family. He uses the presidency to intimidate officials into breaking the law for him. He supports the first amendment up until it’s used to protest for fairness and equality. He believes in a free and fair election, until he loses. He bestows his supporters and colleagues with the title “patriot,” until they defy his arbitrary wishes. Donald Trump has shown the world how a tyrant can corrupt the significant power of the presidency. The people have voted for the rule of law, but 2 months and 3 days after the election, President Trump still claims voter fraud. Donald Trump is not a Republican. He belongs to his own party, filled with hate and violence. Trump hides behind the protection of the presidency, but on January 20, 2021 at 12:01 PM, the criminal actions that Donald Trump has partaken in will no longer be immune to Federal and State prosecution.

The American people have voted for the rule of law and now Donald Trump must pay for four years of criminal engagements. We must stand together and call on Federal Prosecutors to incarcerate Donald Trump for his crimes against the United States of America. Show your patriotism and stand against Donald Trump.




We are using our people power to endorse progressive candidates across the country. We pressure centrist politicians to value the people that elected them rather than the corporate elite. We are tired of being told to wait for changes that are long overdue. We are Done Waiting.

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