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On August 4th, 2020 we lost a battle, but not the war.

Solomon Rajput for U.S Congress, a scrappy grassroots campaign, was founded on the radical belief that all people deserve basic human rights. Right away, our working class platform and innovative outreach inspired young activists across the country and the campaign swelled into an army of 400 young leftists and progressives volunteering 8–15 hours every week. This unprecedented army was the largest ever seen for a congressional challenger in a primary, and though we fell short of swinging Michigan’s 12th District away from an entrenched corporate incumbent, we vow that this once-in-a-lifetime movement we created will only be the beginning.

Because when a campaign becomes a movement, we truly cannot lose.

How can hundreds of young people making hundreds of thousands of calls and sending hundreds of thousands of texts be viewed as a failure? The only failure would be to disband such a passionate group of activists and organizers united in fighting for progressive values. Once the passionate activists on Solomon Rajput for U.S. Congress decided they were Done Waiting on real change and political courage, they quickly promised to never go back to supporting the harmful status quo. Within a week of the 2020 primary election, they held a campaign wide call and started organizing what will be a huge, disruptive grassroots army of young people dedicated to defending the interests of ordinary people and enacting urgent systemic change.

It was Civil Rights Leader Fannie Lou Hammer who said “I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired”.

We are sick and tired of being told there is an expiration date for our ideas, when the only expiration date we should be worried about is the one that comes with catastrophic climate change. We are sick and tired of being told that things simply cannot change and the status quo is good enough for us, when people are dying from preventable diseases like poverty and police brutality. We are sick and tired of billionaires quickly becoming trillionaires by squashing our already inadequate standard of living, and we are sick and tired of corporate politicians selling out their values and their constituents for campaign donations and a shallow career.

That’s why we are proud to introduce Done Waiting.

Done Waiting is a disruptive grassroots army that focuses its unprecedented people power to elect Progressives and bend the establishment to the will of the people. We are an entirely volunteer-run organization and we are quickly building manpower consisting of hundreds of youth activists fighting to have our voices heard. We are not only committed to making hundreds of thousands of calls for progressive candidates who receive our endorsement, but we also plan on using our manpower to pressure centrist legislators to support progressive policies. As organizers, our most valuable resources are our people and our compelling message. Done Waiting is mobilizing an army of young, energized, passionate, and bold progressives and leftists eager to canvass, send texts, call voters, and fight the uphill battles of winning elections and advocating for deep systemic change. The fight to make democracy work for us is way bigger than one election or one battle. We are Done Waiting and we hope you will join us.



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Done Waiting

a disruptive army of young people fighting to elect progressives and bend the establishment to the will of the people.