The Veldt:

The Veldt is a cautionary tale about the advancement of technology and how VR could one day come to replace human emotion and interaction. The story also deals with addiction to technology and how it can lead to hostility stemming from withdrawl.

The story, while having the feel of a science fiction setting, is actually becoming more and more actualized in our planet’s culture and advancement. We are already seeing VR being used to simulate real-life experiences, making it very easy to believe that someday, VR could replace interaction all together.

Addictions are traditionally thought to come from destructive sources, but with the increasing integration of technology, we as a society are seeing more cases of individuals becoming addicted to using technology as an escape from the pressures and judgement of the outside world.

The Veldt shows a glimpse into a society that could possibly become our own with time. One day we could lose control over the basic tasks that we perform for ourselves and slip into a world were we are not dominant anymore.

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