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Daily Post #263 Don’t Ask Compound Questions

Don’t Ask Compound Questions

When selling or doing market research, one of the most important rules is to stay away from compound questions, meaning putting two or more questions in the same sentence.

An example of a compound question is: What’s your favorite ice cream and why?
Even worse is if the questions don’t make sense: Do you prefer a cheaper or nicer tasting ice cream?
Or on a sales call: What do you use today to solve your problem and what do you feel is missing?

There’s nothing wrong with that last question per se, but the person answering risks getting tangled up in the answer, and maybe only answering what they feel is the easier one.

By phrasing compound questions, you not only risk confusing the person answering, you also risk them only answering one of the question, or not answering at all if it gets too confusing.

One question is one question, break them down into bite size chunks and let people answer, one bite at a time.

(originally posted on LinkedIn)



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