Getting Started with the Donorbox WordPress donation plugin

In a previous post, we walked you through how to embed your Donorbox donation forms on WordPress websites using our embed code. Now, we are going to walk you through how to embed your donation forms using our WordPress donation plugin.

To begin, go to your WordPress dashboard, find the “Plugins” tab on the left-hand sidebar and click “Add New”.

In the WordPress plugin search bar, type “Donorbox” and press enter.

Once you have found the Donorbox WordPress donation plugin, click “Install Now”.

Once the plugin has been installed, click to activate it.

Now, go to your Donorbox dashboard, find the campaign you wish to embed on your site using the WordPress donate plugin, and copy the link of the secure donation page.

Head back to your WordPress dashboard and, in the left-hand sidebar, click on “Settings” and then “Donorbox”.

Paste your campaign URL into the appropriate textbox and click “Save Changes”.

Go back to your WordPress page editor, and create a new post.

Make sure you are on the text editor for your post (and not the visual editor) and type in one of the following shortcodes to embed the donation form using the WordPress donate plugin:

  • [donate]
  • [donate url=”nonprofitcampaign”]
  • [donate url=”"]
  • [donate-with-info]
  • [donate-with-info url=”nonprofitcampaign”]
  • [donate-with-info url=”"]

Here are a few things to keep in mind during this process:

– Don’t forget to replace “nonprofit campaign” with your own campaign name and URL.

– If you choose to use one of the shortcodes with a URL, then that campaign URL will be used. Otherwise, the default URL you entered in the plugin settings will be used.

– Using one of the [donate-with-info] shortcodes will include the campaign description and legal disclaimer that you drafted on Donorbox.

Publish your post and wait for your WordPress donations to come in!

Originally published at on December 15, 2016.

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