Integrating Recurring Donation Forms Into Wordpress

Wordpress is one of the world’s premiere publishing platforms, powering over 25% of the Internet. For all those of you who have chosen to host your websites and blogs on Wordpress, here is a guide on how to integrate Donorbox donation forms straight to your Wordpress site. We hope this helps you boost your donations!

  1. To begin, go to your Donorbox dashboard and click the “Embed Form” button by the campaign you want to embed on your website.

2. Copy the embed code for your donation form.

3. Now go to your WordPress page editor to create a new post.

4. Before pasting your code, ensure that you are on the “text” editor, and not the visual editor (the two tabs are the top right of the post text box).

5. Publish your post, and you’re all set!

Your website or blog should now look a little something like this:

This integration guide was originally published on the Donorbox Nonprofit Tips Blog.