How to monetize your community’s recruiting activity

Leaders of communities of professionals don’t always realize the monetary value of the network they’ve worked so hard to create.

The social value for the community members is clear: they can share knowledge, interact with each other, give and get priceless advice, participate in meetups, and grow their network.

Monetize your community
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The community provides them with a safe space to grow, and sometimes they even find new clients and career opportunities.

Recruiters know this, of course, and they seek out these groups and join them, so they can recruit professional workers to their company.

While this is all great, there’s a flip side to this activity that should be considered, and I’ll expound:

1) Job ads steal the focus in the community, drawing attention to something that’s neither social nor professional.

2) Though recruiters are not a part of your professional network, they are in your community, making the space a little less safe to ventilate workspace and employment issues.

3) Someone is getting free advertisements in your community. We’ll talk about this in a sec.

So, what can you do about it?

1) You can ban all job posts in your community.

2) You can open a separate group just for jobs, spreading yourself thin, voluntarily, over not one but two groups.

3) You can decide to monetize this activity while providing even better value to your community members.

Did you know?

Did you know that the average cost of recruiting a developer, for example, can reach five figures in US$?

Did you know that sourcing services receive a monthly payment for each recruited candidate?

Did you know that the job board market is estimated at $22bn annually?

Did you know that your community is a great resource for candidates?

It’s time for you to join this party

I know: making money wasn’t on your mind when you created your community or group; you did it for the benefit of your colleagues and yourself. But the world has changed, and you can now monetize recruiting activity in your network easily while providing huge value to your members as well as to recruiters.

How do you do this? There are several ways.

1) You can charge each recruiter for posting in your group.

2) You can build a site or a paywall.

3) You can adopt solutions that were created especially for leaders of professional communities.

Comonetize provides you with a turnkey solution to create a career site for your community in two minutes, with a job board, members index, and implementation of all payments and notifications. Hundreds of communities use Comonetize to launch career sites for their network, with over 15,000 jobs already posted in these communities.

Talk to us for more details, if you want to monetize your community.




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Gali Meiri

Gali Meiri

CEO and Founder of Comonetize, a monetization platform for community leaders.

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