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Guess whaaaaat!

DND Edition Four

Hello good people!

First things first, this newsletter is going to be an every-two-weeks type of thing from now on. As much as I would like to forget the fact, I am otherwise occupied from 7:30am-8pm, and I do not really have the luxury of going out to eat enough to sustain publishing this every week. Alas! To business.

Here’s the roundup:

To celebrate my freedom after school during JHU spring break, I dragged Hunter and Liana to MEXiCUE for happy hour. I’ve had a few meals here now, but I’m a strong believer in going for happy hour instead. Read my silly little thoughts about it here.

Over the past weekend, my darling friend Carol stopped by DC for a visit, and we hit up this place called Vin sur Vingt on 14th Street. The food was nothing special, but I can picture it being super fun on a hot summer night. You can find the tepid review here.

My third article this week is about a meal I had with Gabi, her brother, and a motley crew of people a few years older than us. It was overwhelmingly lovely and I was totally, totally enchanted by the restaurant: it’s called Bistrot du Coin, and it’s been operating in its own weird, janky way for 20 years in Dupont. Here’s my (strangely-emotional) review.

Places I’m looking to try soon (I’m doing this as much for my benefit as yours, because my memory is SO poor):

  • Doubles: coffeeshop in Columbia Heights with an adorable aesthetic that also offers table tennis??
  • Lucy: fancy-looking new bar on 14th and Florida that only serves four drinks
  • Wonderland Ballroom: BIZARRE old bar in Columbia Heights. I actually did go here to buy a breakfast burrito and immediately got obsessed with the place, so I want to see the vibes at night…

If you’re in DC and you want to come with me on one of these journeys… let me know.

So much love,




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