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I skipped a week, oops

DND Edition Three

Hello, good people of my mailing list!

Last weekend I was in New York. I didn’t have time to write about any of the delicious food I ate, but I ate a lot of delicious food — such a quandary. Today, I’m playing catch up.

Last Friday, I went to the Vegetarian Dim Sum House in Chinatown with my former housemates Lia and Carol. I first visited this restaurant about four years ago with my friends Zoe and Alessandra, and going back felt like an eerie echo of a pre-COVID world, since the mask mandate had just been dropped and no one checked our vax cards on entry. This place is pretty wonky, but it gets an excellent review; I felt right at home because everyone in there had some serious bangs. Read the review here.

I also went out to eat brunch at the Rusty Face in Brooklyn with my ex, who has remarkable foresight and requested that our conversation remain off the record. (Boring!) Read about the food (and only the food) here.

Also while I was home, my sister Milly attempted to cook me the eggs çilbir that I got so obsessed with at Nura a month or so ago, and it came out utterly divine. Check out pics of her work of art on Instagram at @millybcooking.

That brings us to this weekend, when I bring you a labor of love: this list of the best bakeries I’ve visited in Washington, DC. It’s hard with my teaching schedule to find time to go get coffee, and none of these places are particularly accessible from my apartment, so this research has been underway for a long time. I’m actually typing this all up as I sit at the bar at Tatte, nursing a chai that I would NOT recommend (too fragrant) and picking at a cinnamon pecan rose that I would (doughy in the best way!). I’ll be on Spring Break from grad school this coming week, so you can expect a whole lot of DC reviews coming your way soon.

Hope you’re doing wonderfully wherever you are…





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