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DND episode two: DC edition

Okay, so word on the street is that my first newsletter only actually reached the inboxes of Izzi Negrin and my grandmother. Hopefully this second installation actually finds the people who kindly indicated they would be interested in reading about my eating escapades; if not, I’ll be switching to a different newsletter service, and bothering all of you by asking you to sign up again. (Tedious, I know — my sincere apologies.)

This week marks the first edition of the newsletter with DC restaurants on it. Huge! Last week I was grumpy, but this week the weather was lovely, school wasn’t too horrendous (except for Thursday, don’t talk to me about Thursday), and I decided to fix my attitude. As a result, I am proud to bring you three positive DC restaurant reviews in a row.

The first place I went to (and enjoyed eating at!) was Shabu Plus, a hot pot restaurant in AdMo. I went with my grandparents and we had tons of fun cooking the food once we figured out how to enter the establishment. Read about our struggle to find the door here.

Success story #2 was a meal I ate at London Curry House with the aforementioned Izzi and Ruby. I’ve been walking by this place every morning on my way to work, and was charmed by seeing their whole staff take a sweet picture at 7am on the day the restaurant actually opened. After finally eating there, I’m fully obsessed — find out why here.

Finally, I went on a solo mission to Mt. Pleasant and ended up spending several hours there. I ate at an American-Filipino restaurant called Purple Patch that I LOVED, and then just kinda hung out for a while in the name of research. Click here for an entire Mt. Pleasant day trip that is, as you might have already guessed, insanely pleasant.

If you missed last week’s newsletter (by my estimate, that’s most of you), you can access all my former reviews at this link: As always, I welcome any and every piece of feedback—especially feedback that looks like “Yes, I actually received this newsletter this time.”

That’s it! Pressing send now, and hoping this message in a bottle actually reaches someone…





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