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Edition One: Do Not Disturb, Hannah is Eating

Hello to my prime selection of freaks/lovely new subscribers! As some (all) of you know, I’ve decided to follow in the footsteps of every other young aspiring writer and start a newsletter. (Embarrassing.) At least mine isn’t on substack.

This was a bad week both for me and for the world, but in terms of food I got to eat, I don’t have much to complain about. I was visiting home for five days this week, so all of these restaurants are in Brooklyn. However, it’s going to be DC content from here on out, so don’t get too comfortable. Anyway, here’s a roundup of the articles that exist so far on Don’t Disturb, Hannah is Eating.

First, I went out to eat with my friend Mia at a new Palestinian restaurant on Atlantic Ave. Atmosphere was weird, and food was good but COLD, which I’ve decided is a crime. Read about it here.

I also hit up the delightful Nura, located in Greenpoint, which I would highly recommend. Most of their positive press is for their dinner service, but I went for brunch, because that’s the only time I could get a reservation. They’re still figuring things out. (Hot tip: Nura happens to be across the street from three incredible thrift stores and just a few blocks from Peter Pan donuts… Big day plan energy.) Here’s the link.

Lastly, there’s this weird, self-serious restaurant on Smith Street called Bar Bête that I went to when I was in a REALLY bad mood. The food was fine but not insanely delicious, so I docked it some serious points. Judge for yourself if it’s a fair review.

Alright, that’s what we’re working with so far. I’m still figuring all of this stuff out, so please let me know if there are issues with this newsletter. (Also, please feel free to suggest new names… I’m truly open to ANY suggestion at ALL… “Do Not Disturb, Hannah is Eating” doesn’t quite roll off the tongue…) Thank you so, so much for reading & supporting what is likely to become a VERY expensive habit! Til next time I decide to send one of these out…




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