10 Other Things Donald Trump Jr. Thinks Refugees Are Like

  1. a bowl of Lucky Charms with poisonous marshmallow rainbows
  2. a loaf of Wonder bread with razor blades in the end pieces
  3. a fleet of Uber drivers except three have a busted headlight
  4. a plane full of passengers and three people have the Samsung Note 7
  5. a briefcase full of microwavable burritos that you forgot about for who knows how long and you can’t read the expiration date on three of them
  6. a Marriott Convention Center but three people are 2nd Amendment people
  7. a tray full of McNuggets but three fell on the floor inside a Des Moines McDonald’s
  8. a wine cellar that has three bottles of Boone’s Farm
  9. a bowl of anthrax with three non-poisoned Skittles
  10. a library full of bibles but three have rock hammers hidden inside