Donald J. Trump’s Concession Speech

I told you so! I was right! Back in July, in JULY, I told you: This election was going to be rigged.

Crooked Hillary and the dishonest media have stolen this election. I knew it. She’s not a winner! She’s pathetic. She’s a liar. She should be locked up for this!

I mean have you seen the numbers the dishonest media is coming up with? 29 electoral votes? That’s outrageous. During my convention, I was crushing her in the polls. And now they’re saying I only won Idaho, Wyoming, West Virginia, Alabama, Oklahoma and Nebraska’s 3rd district? Give me a break! She stole it!

You know what? I’m not upset. She can have it. This whole thing is sad. This just shows the country has gone soft. They don’t want a winner! I don’t even want to be President for a soft country like this. We used to be great, but now we won’t be great again.

I can’t believe how soft she is. She’s soft on crime. She’s even soft on nuclear weapons! Why should we even have nuclear weapons if we’re not going to use them? It’s lunacy. Absolute lunacy.

This whole campaign was one lie and smear after another. First, they said I was scared to debate her because I wouldn’t go against the NFL and debate during football games. They claimed I never sacrificed anything. Did they not see my tweet showing me eating that taco bowl from Trump Tower Grill? Then they said I had an unstable temperament, which IS BULLSHIT. She’s the one with the bad temperament! I HAVE THE GREATEST TEMPERAMENT.

So thank you to my supporters, everyone one who voted for me. I know that you really wanted to make America great again. I’m sorry America let you down.

I can just see it now. A month after she takes office, everyone’s going to be begging for me to come back. “Everything’s gone to hell, Donald. We need you, Donald. Save us, Donald.” Please. You picked Crooked Hillary, now you’re going to have to live with her.