Understanding news articles

The Bothell-Kenmore Reporter has many great news articles. One of those stories is titled “Pack to the future: Will more wolves come to King County?” by Aaron Kunkler. Kunkler chooses a title with an active verb that gets the attention of the reader. The first paragraph of the story introduces the main point of the story. The second paragraph gives the reader the where, what, who and why. Kunkler interviews both Ben Maletzke who is a Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife Wolf Specialist and Paula Swedeen, a police director for Conservation NW. When quotes are provided, Kunkler is sure to attribute the quotes to the speaker as mentioned in chapter 5 of the book.

Wolves have begun to migrate back into Washington. Photo by John and Karen Hollingsworth/U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. https://www.bothell-reporter.com/news/pack-to-the-future-will-more-wolves-come-to-king-county/



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