Cannes Lions, ICCO and Don’t Cry Wolf

It’s not just about the rosé

Today, we’re bloody delighted to say that we’re platinum sponsors of the ICCO House of PR at Cannes Lions 2019.

Now, why on earth are we splashing cash up the wall when we’re only a year into the business? Two reasons. The economies of scale on unlimited rosé meant that it was an investment rather than a cost. Also, it’s about time some minnows of the industry stepped up to occupy spaces that have been traditionally filled by the big networked agencies.

Photo by Justin Aikin on Unsplash

We’ve got something to share about how creativity can, and should, be nurtured with social good in mind. Also, we want to discuss how a creative agency can be run with a net positive impact on the environment and society.

So, we’ll be curating a day at Cannes Lions where Don’t Cry Wolf and some of our B Corp buddies, both agency and brand side, will be taking the stage to talk about creating campaigns with an eye on improving society. We’ll also explore purpose washing and how organisations have to change their setup first before they start banging on about positive outcomes.

We’ll also have the tall bald Mitchell brother out of Eastenders take us through a slide show on the world’s toughest creative teams.

That last bit is not true.

Here’s what Francis Ingham, Director General, PRCA and Chief Executive, ICCO has to say about all this, “For the past five years, the ICCO House of PR has offered PR pros at Cannes a base to come together and exchange ideas on creativity. Previously, it’s only been global agencies that have been present here — so it’s fantastic to welcome our first-ever start-up agency official sponsor. Don’t Cry Wolf — a true leader of the pack.”

There we have it. We can’t wait to spend some time out in Cannes and see how far that ‘unlimited bar’ clause in our commercial contract with the ICCO team can stretch.

More importantly, we know this is all a bit above our station as a scrappy startup, but then who’s ever changed anything by doing what they’re supposed to do?

See you there.