[Internship] When computer engineer student became intern 1st time.

But before that…

What did I do here?

It began since the first day…

After that…

Impression in Donuts BKK

The front of the office (so many meeting rooms.)

1. Very comfortable open workplace.

Snack corner is real! (It’s completely out of stock = =)

2. Free drinks. Free snacks. Free kitchen.

3. Seniors are very friendly and easygoing.

4. Came as intern, work as staff.

What about something I didn’t like?

1. The restroom

2. So many dusts!!

3. The monitor

What I learned so far?

1. Developer skills

Concepts are the foundation of everything.

2. Communication skills

3. We need to be thoughtful before doing something.

4. There are many skillful people out there, go to find them!

5. BTS is so terrible, very terrible, extremely terrible.

6. Knowing strong points and weak points.

Because experience is achieved by doing.

Bonus!! If you want an offer… (For computer Olympaid students)



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