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About Expo EAS Build

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What is EAS Build?

EAS Build is a hosted service for building app binaries for Expo and React Native projects.

🚀 Using this has the following advantages.

  1. It’s very easy to build apps for deployment by processing signature credentials.
  2. You can include libraries with native code that aren’t part of the Expo standard library
  3. You can reduce the app capacity.
  4. You can easily share test builds with colleagues without going through the app store.
  5. You can build all platforms with just one command.

If one of the above reasons is considered convenient, it is sufficient to use the EAS build.


  1. EAS build is a paid service. You have to pay Priority plants from your Expo account.

The first month is free and as of November 4, 2021, you have to pay $29 a month.

Please check the link below for the detailed cost.

2. An Expo account and Android and iOS developer accounts are required.

3. Support for Expo managed projects is available as of SDK 41

How to use

1. Install the EAS CLI

Install the EAS CLI by entering the command below in the terminal.

npm install -g eas-clioryarn global add eas-cli

2. Log in to your Expo account

Enter the command below to the terminal and log in with your Expo account.

eas login

3. Create a configuration file

Enter the command below in the terminal to create a configuration file.

eas build:configure

Detailed preferences can be found on this link.

4. Run a build

Before the build can start. you’ll need to generate or porivde app signing credentials.

Build the app by entering the command below in the terminal.

eas build

Alternatively, you can build it directly for each platform without selecting.

eas build --platform androidoreas build --platform iosoreas build --platform all


If the app has an account in Organizations, you must add owner to the Expo configuration.

Otherwise, an error occurs that you do not have access.

Open app.json or app.config.js to add owner.

"expo": {
"owner": "your-organization-name'




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