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Updates From The Fall

About Doodle Delights

I have always used doodling to fill times where I would normally be bored during an unexpected wait on the phone with customer services, or at the doctors office. But I’ve recently discovered there are many people who view coloring as a thrilling experience. Some even call it therapy.

As a result of this, I’ve begun selling pages of my doodles on my own site, and on Etsy. I’ve also started meeting IRL with a small group of colorers and illustrators to further refine my abilities.

What’s New?

I’ve recently added a few designs to my store and I’d like to share them with you.

As with all things, the older tools I had lying around were good, but I’ve used some funds to secure better pencils, pens, and markers. The best of these tools is a set of woodless color pencils from Koh-I-Noor Progresso.

In the times where wood would protect the pencil from several falls, these shatter after being dropped a couple times. But drawing with them feels like silk in the times I’ve used them. They have a feel of luxury in a small package for a modest price.


Part of the appeal in selling individual pages is that people can assemble their own books on their own time. If someone isn’t familiar with my pages, they can sample them at a low cost.

The upcoming cold weather has me changing my approach and I am working on making a few coloring books. I’ll keep you posted once they are available.


Thank you, customers. Who have purchased my pages. It is intimidating to pursue anything new and the indirect and direct feedback I’ve gotten has helped me choose my next illustrations to make life better and more interesting for you.

I have pages up on Etsy and my own site because each location has it’s own benefits. Etsy has a wide market and enables coupon making. I also can display the entire download as part of the product images.

The other page has lower prices because there are no listing costs. It is a simple and beautiful site with no frills and no fuss.

If you have any special requests, any feedback, or just want to chat, I am here.

Gobble Gobble,

— Ruben




Updates on Ruben’s coloring books and pages.

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Ruben Alexander

Ruben Alexander

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