Destroyed and rebuilt: CKY are back from the dead with The Phoenix

When a band takes nearly a decade to release a new album, it’s typically done with the feeling of some kind of titanic shift forward.

The Phoenix unearths something new and different, but it’s grounded in the roots of CKY’s best material.

The shape of CKY to come.

Chad I Ginsberg (left), Jesse Margera (center), and Matt Deis (right)

Musically, The Phoenix is a deeply vast amalgamation of styles. I really appreciate the way they are able to create soft rock music that carries off into jammin’ tracks that plunge you into a gritty spaced out class of punk. However, it would be a mistake to assume that I mean The Phoenix is a soft rock album because the band can really range from proto-rock to grunge without skipping a beat.

The lack of founding member Deron Miller barely resonates as a shortage in the overall condition of this new record. Chad I Ginsberg is such a fluid guitar player with so many nasty jazz inspired hooks and leads. Without a trace of doubt, Ginsberg has been able to carry on as the creative inspiration behind this band.

According to Ginsberg, The Phoenix is intended to be a successor to Infiltrate. Destroy. Rebuild, and this goes back to what I was saying earlier about the album remaining grounded to what many consider CKY’s best album.

CKY’s The Phoenix is due out for release via eOne music on June 16th 2017.