Power Trip set the tone for future of thrash metal with Nightmare Logic

If you haven’t heard Power Trip yet, then you’re missing out on one of the hottest bands to blow up in the underground circuit in a long long time.

Before I began writing this piece, I found myself toying with the idea that this Texas unit might be the next Pantera, for what it’s worth, a lot of bands have been held aloft as ‘the next Pantera’, as if there could be such a thing, however, Power Trip doesn’t need to be heavy metal’s next Pantera.

Power Trip is Power Trip, and they destroy all in their path like a monolithic wave of shrapnel exploding out of the speakers.

It’s physically impossible not to be moved by the powerful grooves of Blake Ibanez and Nick Stewart. Siphoning the attitude of the hardcore scene and the nonstop melodic shred orgies of thrash metal, this band guarantees circle pits and disaster in every city they pave through. Not only do they pummel with outstanding hooks and riffs, but there’s no stoppage of eargasm inducing guitar solos.

[Photo by Johnny Milano/courtesy of earsplit]

During their most recent tour across the states with crossover act Iron Reagan, they’ve been able to sell out several venues, and it’s really no shocker considering just how much fire Power Trip packs to their performances. Several of their acts have been recorded and uploaded on YouTube if you really want to see how wild they are.

I had the opportunity to see Power Trip perform live last summer at the Local 662 in St. Petersburg, Florida, and they completely blew me away. I had never seen or heard them before, so it was an extra treat to be exposed to this phenomena without really knowing who I was seeing. Their performance was so tight, loud, and engaged. You can tell from watching several of their performances, there’s something that’s just uncanny and natural that rolls out of Power Trip whenever they play.

Lyrically the band’s range encompasses social woes and personal tribulations. Not only are they focused on the rotten state of our world, but there’s a great deal of motivation and empowerment in tracks like “If Not Us, Then Who” and “Waiting Around To Die.”

Nightmare Logic is only their second full-length album, so there’s still a lot for this band to offer, which is perhaps their greatest asset. With a label like Southern Lord looking out for them, they’re exactly where they need to be in order to establish an absolute ass kicking career among the next generation of titanic shredders.