How Medium Helped Me Roll a Giant Snowball

Piotr Gaczkowski
Mar 31, 2018 · 3 min read

I am well aware of the power of momentum. Starting from tiny things and gradually building up a huge snowball isn’t only good for Getting Things Done. The associated high of achieving an outcome with such a little-perceived effort is mind-blowing!

For almost a year now I have been gathering various drafts and ideas for articles or blog posts. The idea was to “gather some content first and then publish frequently”. Of course having no deadline set for it I sometimes started articles only to leave them hanging, waiting for an uncertain future.

I noticed I have been hoarding too much somewhere around the end of the last year. People kept asking me similar questions and I always wanted to answer: “I have an article about this very topic, let me show you”. Only all of those articles were stored in my private drawer (or a digital equivalent thereof).

I tried posting previews on Tumblr, but there was something lacking. I experimented with static page generation tools, like Gatsby or Jekyll, but somehow I couldn’t connect with them. I scribbled the ideas in various places, made notes that would turn into articles but nothing more. I didn’t feel the time was right.

Today a new idea sprung into my mind. I have been thinking about using Medium for my posts for quite some time. For once, I wasn’t sure if there was a way to backdate my posts (those imported from my long lost blog, for instance).

It was 7AM. I opened and started getting accustomed with the interface. Nothing big. I clicked “New Story” and was greeted with a nice interface for a post. I pasted a Markdown document containing a draft of my Gratitude Resume. This started looking cool.

Wondering which article should I publish first I recalled my favorite post from the previous blog. The blog itself is gone, but the Wayback Machine brought the article back to me in an instant. “Ok, Medium. Show me what you can do.”, I thought and clicked “Import a story”. The results were promising! Apart from footnotes (that Medium can’t handle at the moment), everything else was perfect!

This prompted me for follow-up action. I started digging all the possible drawers I could think of in search for articles, ideas, phrases and everything else that were to become my new blog. Until then I didn’t even realize how much of “almost ready” stuff I have created so far.

It’s 11:30AM now as I’m writing these words. This spring cleaning left me with 39 drafts and around 130 ideas for new articles. Wow! Why haven’t I been able to publish them yet?

You see, it’s one thing to read the articles about how a particular concept can benefit you. But actually seeing it in action makes your eyes open wide with astonishment. Am I really capable of undertaking such a huge task? Guess I am, cause I’ve just accomplished it!

Great thanks to Medium Staff that enabled me to start this venture. If your tool hasn’t been that pleasant to use I might still be procrastinating (“Hmm, maybe I should connect Asana and Dropbox to post Markdown to Netlify using Jekyll? How much work could that be?”). But I have to say, I love it!

And the articles? Here are a few that I consider interesting:

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