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Monthly Summary: April 2019

Cats, the Baltic Sea, tulips, picnic, and decorations

Personal Highlights

  • Got an invitation to try Stripe beta in Poland
  • Joined the Medium Partner Program
  • Got two propositions to write books
  • Tried air yoga for the first time
  • Started a Mastermind Group
  • Pitched a few conferences with presentation ideas
  • Started teaching a Python course
  • Organized a few listening sessions
  • Updated my profile
  • Fought my fear of heights by walking on high bars
  • Learned a bit about the book publishing business
  • Added checkout for Meraki Chai
  • Visited a part of Bydgoszcz I never knew about before

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via Blinkist

I’ve mostly listened to my home stereo from which I do not scrobble tracks. The results are, therefore, way off from the actual.

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The theme for the upcoming month

Bike for fun.

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