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Monthly Summary: December 2019

Illuminations, Christmas Market, and some cats as usual

Personal Highlights

  • Learned how to record and edit audio and video
  • Finished recording and editing my video course
  • Visited the Christmas Fair for a few times
  • Tried ramen corn dog
  • Decided to spend some time playing games (Settlers II and Heroes of Might and Magic III mostly)
  • Got accepted to create the next video course
  • Found new books and new inspiring people to add to Bit Better Book Club
  • Got accepted to another conference
  • Ate delicious orange chicken at a Chinese restaurant
  • Got back to biking more
  • Visited a friend for a fondue dinner
  • Tried a hamburger with raspberry-chili sauce
  • Went for an evening walk in an illuminated park
  • Visited family for Christmas
  • Updated Gratitude Resume
  • Danced for almost 3h without a break at a party
  • Added new books to the Bit Better Book Club
  • Got proposition to be featured in a podcast (on reading books nonetheless)

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via Blinkist

I’ve mostly listened to my home stereo from which I do not scrobble tracks. The results are, therefore, way off from the actual.

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