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Monthly Summary: March 2019

Top Cat, Arctic Breakfast, cocktails, and impressions from Gdańsk

Personal Highlights

  • Finished recording an audition for an online course platform
  • Visited Musical Theater in Gdynia. It was great as usual!
  • Spend a lot of time listening to music
  • Got homemade mead as a gift
  • Tried a new ramen bar
  • Ate a lot of tacos while discussing plans for Vagrant Vibes
  • Got a surprise Arctic Breakfast
  • Went to a concert of ROD and Żywiołak
  • Pitched two article ideas to a publication I always wanted to write for
  • Tried pizza with vegan “mozarella”
  • Prepared crispy tofu in peanut glaze
  • Met a person online who seems to be a potential mentor
  • Made progress with Multiroom Audio project

Favorite Works

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via Blinkist

I’ve mostly listened to my home stereo from which I do not scrobble tracks. The results are, therefore, way off from the actual.

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The theme for the upcoming month

Move outdoors.

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