Ultimate Digital Nomad Guide to Morocco

Adil Gherib
Jul 27, 2015 · 9 min read

Morocco has simply always been the main link between Europe and Africa.


How to stay as long as possible on your tourist visa

Which city to choose in Morocco

Where to look for good WiFi connection

Where to get the best SIM-card with mobile data

Where to find people to join your team

What are the best and cheapest places to stay in Morocco

How to move around

How about shopping?

What about co-working spaces

How to legally register your business in Morocco

How to stay safe in Morocco and which places to avoid

Moroccan customs to be aware of

Where to go to relax

Which bars and clubs to visit for Morocco’s nightlife

What to do in case of an emergency (like finding English-speaking hospitals)

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Adil Gherib

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Door to Gate

Tips and stories from real travelers.