When looking back only a few months to the past, I see myself as a carefree, almost 30 year old person with a very strange peaceful feeling inside. To explain that “strange” peaceful feeling I have to mention that in those times in the past I had absolutely no idea what escape games are :-)
To explain closer why I’m about to steal your precious time by writing this article and expecting you to read it, I have to mention that before I discovered escape games (or Quests if you like) I was a coffee and chocolate addict only. Since that time I’m quest addicted and I’m proud of it. That’s why I’d like to share my experience with you, because I very soon realised, when talking to my friends, that almost no one knows “what the f… escape games are”. 
As the administrator explained to me before my first game: “Have you ever played an escape game before?” “No. Never. This is my first time” I replied nervously. “ Don’t worry. It doesn’t hurt.” he said and absolutely killed my nervousness and any hesitations. And he started explaining:

“It is a special room, filled with riddles and clues, into which a group of players is willingly locked, who try to solve those riddles to escape from that room or accomplish a mission depending on the story of every escape room.”

“It will be easy”, I was thinking. “I’m not stupid and if I take a group of smart friends with me, we have to set a new record!” As so often seen before, reality missed expectation by quite a wide margin. One might say they’d both gone off in quite different directions. The riddles aren’t always obvious and one has to learn concrete ways of thinking and perception of one’s surroundings. Everything can have it’s purpose, but it can only become apparent in the final parts of game. So you have to keep it in mind until its purpose is unveiled. I have good news for you. First. It is something you can learn. You can improve your way of thinking, your perception, teamworking. Second. It’s extremely addictive. Seriously. In those rooms you can take full advantage of your wit, sense for co-operation, combination thinking ,and all the skills and abilities mentioned so far, in so many different ways that I can only describe the resulting feeling as “extremely satisfying”.

After I finished my first game, I felt like I had just accomplished something requiring a high physical and psychological performance. We enjoyed an icy drink to refresh our bodies and minds. We didn’t have a need to talk. We were just enjoying that feeling. That very feeling of being satisfied with our capabilities. We had finished our game in 56 minutes without any hints, which the administrator watching the game is always ready to give you, if you ask for one. 
And you know what? It wasn’t like that after my first game only. I have that feeling after every game I finish. And everyone in our group has become addicted. There are so many escape games in Prague and every one is unique. If you have a good group of friends you will not regret it. It’s not so expensive and everyone can afford to spend few hundreds crowns for two or three games in a month. So we do it. Instead of sitting in a pub and drinking beers, we play quests. We satisfy our addiction, train our brains and have fun with good friends.

That was my experience with escape games and explanation what they’re all about. The aim of the game is much more than just escaping. A good game will test you and your team. It will lead you to experience happiness and sadness. To relax and tense. Entertain you and scare you. But the main thing is…It’s real life, with friends, and it makes you stronger and smarter. If you made it through this text this far, it’s maybe because you desire to experience something like it, or you were just wondering what the f…k is it about. No matter what, I recommend you to try it and experience it on your own. I can guarantee you won’t regret it.