Dopameme — Blockchain project from Guadalajara

Hello guys, i’ll share with you a little bit of our Blockchain project and the one we’re developing in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. The project’s name is Dopameme and is a social media platform for share memes(only original content) and earn tokens for it (you can exchange it for ETH/BTC/USD afterward), we truly believe in this project and we have more than a year with in the development and stuff.

We just started our private presale, in which you can register yourself and the minimum contribution amount is 10ETH, all this information you’ll find it in our whitepaper and in our website.

If you love this project as much as we do, you can help us spreading the word and making that more people know about us, we have a bounties campaign where you can earn DMT (Dopameme Tokens) for making some noise, i mean you can tweet or post a meme, share in Telegrams etc, all this information is in our Discord Channel (, so if you’re not part of Dopameme yet we invite you to join us at our official discussion channels such as Discord, Telegram and check out our website:

We hope to see you there