Introducing Dopameme.

Millions of Memes are created and shared everyday, but do you ever wonder who created them? And, why would anyone waste their time creating them?

The main purpose of a Meme is to share an idea in a graphical yet comical and clever way. People create memes with the purpose of them going viral and usually without any monetary incentive. They spread at lightning speed due to them being concise, they discuss trending and funny topics,which in turn give the spectators a dopamine rush! Nowadays people just meme for fun, but, is there any real value in them?… Not really, well not a monetary value, but they do in some instances hold powerful intrinsic value which we believe can account for more than just their popularity.

Once a meme is uploaded to the cloud it may move around most social platforms but despite how popular it becomes, most of the time nobody knows who made it. We even see people taking credit from someone else’s work. We decided to ask and research the community on Reddit and Twitter what they thought about memes and this is what we found out:

So by empowering meme creators, curators and adding tokens to the equation, check out what we’ve created!

Introducing The Dopameme Platform is a decentralized social platform that gives you token incentives, which can be traded for bitcoin/ethereum, by simply creating memes!

So, why use the blockchain you may ask? Blockchain technology is the next revolution within the internet itself, it allows us to send micro-transactions, govern a company as a community without a centralized entity, and achieve network effect adoption. Ethereum is, what we know to be, the best decentralized blockchain platform that enables immutable smart contracts that follow and execute the laws written in auditable code, so the user will be able to track their content ownership, it’s up-votes, and attributes in a transparent manner.

To interact with these smart contracts, a digital token is needed. Our algorithm calculates a series of factors additionally to how viral the meme becomes, and rewarding the users with tokens accordingly.

Token network effects occur when the growth of the network aligns with the appreciation of the token. As the network grows, the token adds value to the platform and accelerates the network effect

While developing the platform we saw a recent tweet from the Coinbase Co-Founder, Brian Armstrong, which validated our idea that this is an awesome space with a huge potential!


We are creating two ERC-20/23 compliant tokens:

MTT — The Meme Tip Token is given to users who create, comment and share content in the platform.

DMT — Dopameme Token is a shareholder-modeled token, meaning that it works just alike the shares of any company, users holding this token will have interesting perks and will share in the revenue from ads as the platform grows.

We will begin our pre-sale on November the 21st. Remember the official communication channels to follow are and

Please ignore any external links or twitter accounts. (We will explain in our next post how to buy ETH to contribute and be part of the revolution.)

We would like hear your thoughts on the project and please make sure to check out our White paper and our Prototype Video

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