LA Fitness Morning Session


Gradual warmup consisting of 30 minutes cardio, followed by four exercises which target your abs.


  • 20 minutes stationary bike
  • 10 minutes treadmill
  • leg lifts
  • stiff-arm cable rows
  • kneeling crunches
10 minute treadmill warmup

Leg lifts on decline bench

No cheating on the negative motion — slow on the way up, and controlled on the way down.

Lamar demonstrates proper form

100 crunch burnout set

(not pictured)

  • 20 x toe touches
  • 20 x side to side twists
  • 20 x front crunches
  • 20 x regular crunches with one leg straightened
  • 20 x bicycle kicks

Kneeling crunches

Kneeling crunches

Stiff arm cable pulls

Reps of 10 on each side. Feet in a wide stance for stability, spine stays neutral throughout the entire motion. Only rotate from the waist up — remember, the goal here is to isolate your obliques.

Cable pulls