Emerald Cup 2016

Emerald Cup 2016

It’s The Most Wonderful Cup of the Year

This year’s Emerald Cup drew a record number of attendees with around 30,000 people participating in the weekend festivities at the Sonoma County fairgrounds. I was among those lucky enough to attend and got to view and smoke some of this year’s best cannabis strains.

Emerald Cup started over a decade ago as a small, private event usually held at one of the farms in the Emerald Triangle. Now it’s grown into one of the most influential awards in the California cannabis community. The festival is dedicated to sun-grown, organic cannabis practices from Northern California. Everywhere I looked there was premium bud. From well-known names like Flow Kana to small time farms that just started branding, Emerald Cup was filled with tasty treats of all shapes and sizes.

Cannabis on display at Emerald Cup 2016

I had some personal favorites (Beezle Extracts Roses batter, High Street Tea’s Earl Grey Creme) but this year’s gold medal goes to the Dookie Brothers for their Zkittles. The phenotype ALSO placed 18th if that tells you anything about the quality of cannabis here, out of over 650 entries placing twice is unprecedented. Another big winner this year was 3rd Gen/Terp Hogz/Dying Breed, placing 1st and 2nd in the bubble concentrate category and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in Rosin.

Not only are the growers who participate stars, but actual stars graced the cup as well like Damian Marley whose concert Saturday night reached capacity with crowds still lined up in hopes of seeing the famous Jr. Gong in action. Fortunately for me, I was able to meet the legend in person! At the booth for his brand, Ocean Grown, a ton of people lined up. Jr. Gong was humble, almost shy, but friendly and loving. It was amazing to meet someone who is so influential on an international level.

Emerald Cup is truly one of the best cups there is. The sense of community, the level of care of the vendors and the passion of those attending emanated from the fairgrounds.

I also had the pleasure of connecting with Alex Grey and Allyson Grey at their booth on Saturday. Their art has had such an impact on the cannabis community and it was a real treat to have them at this year’s cup. Ellen Komp, deputy director of CalNORML and author of a book I recently reviewed, Tokin’ Women a 4,000-year Herstory, was doing a signing and the Giggle Therapeutics booth. I met three amazing pillars of the cannabis community in one weekend.

Emerald Cup is truly one of the best cups there is. The sense of community, the level of care of the vendors and the passion of those attending emanated from the fairgrounds. If you want to see California’s best home grown there is nowhere better. If you didn’t get a chance to come out this time, I hope to see you there next year!


Strain: Zkittles by Dookie Brothers

Topical: Deep Skin 0 Penetrating Topical Oil by Newell Taylor

Tincture: Royal Purple High THC Tincture by Russel Honey’s Healing Tincture

Edible: Macaroon by Utopia Farms

Bubble concentrate: Banana by 3rd Gen/Terp Hogz/Dying Breed

Rosin concentrate: Hindu Z by 3rd Gen/Terp Hogz/Dying Breed

Dry sieve concentrate: Berry White by Dry Sift Jedi Resin Ranch Extraction

CO2 concentrate: Cookies & Cream by Gold Drop Co/Blue River Extracts

CBD flower: Rainbow Gummeez by Molecular Farms, LLC

CBD extract: Terra Pen RE:Zen 1:1 vape pen by Legion of Bloom

CBD tincture: Treatwell CBD-A Tincture — Ringo 2012 by Treatwell

CBD topical: Strawberry Cough (Type 1) x Rainbow CBD (Type 3) by Molecular Farm

CBD edible: OARA Priobiotic Cannabis Chocolate — Dark by OARA Chocolate

Originally published at Dope Magazine.

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