JUNGLE JUICE “SAUCE”: A Sweet & Tangy Experience

THCa: 78.5% | THC: 1.89% | Gobi Analytical

The first time I laid eyes on concentrates from Olio Labs, I knew there was something special about their products. I took a picture of their packaging to ensure I wouldn’t forget their name. After a bit of research, I proved my hunch to be correct. Olio is the brainchild of Wade Sanders, co-founder of the award winning and highly acclaimed 710Labs. The two company owners recently split ways, and thus Olio710 was born. Focusing on an innovative line of live resin wax they refer to as “sauce,” it is similar in texture to sugar wax but with a juicy layer of liquid on top that gives a nice sparkly and soupy appearance. This particular batch “Jungle Juice,” is exploding with terpenes, smells like freshly picked tangerines and produces an incredibly clean and focused “zen-like” high.

  • Olio’s focus is “quality over quantity”
  • Jungle Juice | Animal Cookies X Tangie
  • Offers a pungent citrusy nose
  • Expect a creatively stimulating, social high
  • Comes equipped with a custom Olio dabber

Originally published at Dope Magazine.

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