Mean Green Cream

Mean Green Cream

This Cream Means Business

The folks at Mean Green Cream want you to face your pain and “Rub It Out” as they like to say, with their cannabis infused topical cream. The yoyo sized container of cream holds one ounce and contains a multitude of oils including olive, avocado, jojoba, soybean, safflower, sesame, grapeseed and canola…whew! In addition to the vast number of oils, Mean Green Cream includes both shea and cocoa butter. Aloe, green tea and chamomile round out the incredible list of ingredients that make this product a wholly therapeutic and sensory experience. I don’t know what else they could possibly add to this amazing cream without actually supplying a masseuse to personally apply it to your aches and pains!

I managed to find all kinds of uses for this cannabis cream. I rubbed it onto the muscles in my neck and shoulders as well as into my left knee that twinges after every run. I burned my hand on the stove while cooking and rubbed the cannabis cream onto the burn. It had a surprisingly soothing cooling effect that I found helpful in reducing the pain. I applied the rich cream to my aching feet and was pleased that there was no slippery greasy feeling afterwards, just moisturized little piggies! After a few days of using the cream my skin was remarkably soft, so soft and supple in fact, I just couldn’t stop touching myself! I got even more excited when I found out that the Portland based company is in the process of creating a Mean Green Lip Balm! Sexy soft lips are on the way!

Mean Green Cream
Mean Green Cream

If you need more than my recommendation to try out this cream, just check out their Facebook or website for additional testimonials by satisfied customers who have used the cream for arthritis, eczema, stinging nettle incidents and rashes. Satisfied customers have used the cream to reduce the appearance of scars aid and to mitigate pain. I honestly think the creators of this topical cannabis cream might want to change their name to Mean Green Miracle Cream.

Originally published at Dope Magazine.

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